Surnames beginning with S

SAMS, (SOMEONE, Harriett); 1841-; Hundon Suffolk
SAMS, Daniel; 1874-; Gillingham
SAMS, Elizabeth; 1843-; Hundon
SAMS, Frederich; 1871-; Gillingham
SAMS, George; july 1850-; Hundon
SAMS, Hannah; 1845-; Hundon
SAMS, James; 1839-; Hundon
SAMS, John; 1835-
SAMS, Kathleen (?, Kathleen); 2 September-
SAMS, Mabel; November 1912-1986; The Laurels Newtown Road West Malling at2.45
SAMS, Marjorie Minnie; 3 February 1910-23 November 1993; 104 Grange Lane, Rainham Road, Gillingham
SAMS, Mary Ann; 1868-; Gillingham Kent
SAMS, Richard
SAMS, Violet; -1978; Sheppey
SAMS, William; MQ 1841?-1907; Hundon Suffolk
SAMS, William; 25 December-1995; Hospital
SAMS, William George; sq 1878-January 1961; medway 2a 521
SAMS, edward; d1842-; risbridge
SAMS, george; 1809-

SNOWLING, Mary (Polly)

SOMEONE, Edith Rose (YOUNG, Edith Rose (Peggy)); 1873-; New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent
SOMEONE, Harriett; 1841-; Hundon Suffolk

SPENCELAGH, Ann Bathsheba; 1810-; Chatham, Kent

SPENCELEY, Adelaide Augusta (WEST, Adelaide Augusta); 1832-dec qtr 1901; Gillingham
SPENCELEY, Adelaide Elizabeth; 1862-; Gillingham
SPENCELEY, Albert Augustus; 1911-1998; 69 Cowley Street, East London
SPENCELEY, Albert Benjamin; 3 January 1869-march quarter 1927; Lay Field Gillingham Kent
SPENCELEY, Albert Edward; 1903-18 October 1907; Stepney 1c391
SPENCELEY, Alfred Benjamin; 1855-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, Clara Susanna; 1864-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, ELizabeth Susannah; 1862?-Dq1939 2a1956; Gillingham
SPENCELEY, Edward Russel; 1862-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, Elizabeth Catherine; 1852-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, Ernest; 1898-1924; hospital insulin guinea pig
SPENCELEY, Frank; 1868-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, George Augustus; 30 December 1832-; baptised at Chatham
SPENCELEY, George Augustus; 1867-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, George Frederick; 1857-
SPENCELEY, Harriet Elizabeth (BROWN, Harriet Elizabeth); 1875-26 February 1936; Shadwell
SPENCELEY, Henry William; 1860-; Gillingham, Kent
SPENCELEY, Ivy; 5 September 1907-22 January 1983; Nottingham
SPENCELEY, Jean Mary; Skinner Street Gillingham
SPENCELEY, Joseph Robert; 1899-Jq 1900; Stepney 1 a 956
SPENCELEY, Millicent Lillian
SPENCELEY, Ralph; 17 December 1904-1975; Nottingham
SPENCELEY, Ralph James; 1866-; Gillingham
SPENCELEY, Reg Percy Albert
SPENCELEY, Walter; 1859-; Gillingham, Kent

SPENCELLER, John; 1798-; Chatham, Kent


SPENCLEY, (MEADOWCROFT, Jean Chadwick); ?-?
SPENCLEY, Alfred Henry; 1828-1871?; Chatham, Kent
SPENCLEY, Alice Emma; 1864-; Gillingham
SPENCLEY, Angelina; 1846-; Chatham
SPENCLEY, Frederick; 1800-; Chatham
SPENCLEY, Frederick John; 1826-; Chatham Kent
SPENCLEY, George Albert; 1897-1974?; Stepney 1c396
SPENCLEY, Sarah Amelia; 1835-; born Gillingham
SPENCLEY, William; 1831/2-; Gillingham
SPENCLEY, William Thomas; 1830-mq 1902; Chatham, Kent

Names in italics indicate the maiden name or "real name" of a person indexed by an alias.

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